It has begun!

>> Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's finally here–the week that the film crew arrives and we begin the first shoots for the film. Yesterday was filled with shopping, laying out clothing, mending and repairs on our 18th century costumes, voice lessons, and final touches on the house decor. In the midst of it all, the kids start school tomorrow so this evening I must make sure that all of the necessary forms and permission slips are filled out, take Lauren to and from her afternoon band rehearsal, go shopping for school supplies, take Heather to get her hair cut, put highlights in the girls' hair, make sure Steph cuts Nathan's bangs, and help Steph with the last minute housework. In the midst of all of that I still have to go to work.

Tomorrow the film crew arrives in the P.M. to get the layout of the house, do sound checks, confirm shooting schedules, and whatever else they do. We will meet the rest of the members of the crew including Jessica, who is the producer. Thursday we travel to Guthrie where I will be filmed in the Masonic Temple theater singing, Abendempfindung, one of Mozart's most beautiful and lyrical Lieder. Then they will tape Steph in the Masonic temple and then we will change into our 18th century clothing for the presentation for school children at the Guthrie Public Library.

Friday will consist of individual interviews as well as a party in the P.M. where our friends, co-workers, and colleagues will join us along with the film crew to celebrate Mozart! As this will be a very busy and hectic next three days, this will probably be my last blog entry until Saturday or Sunday.



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