There's No Business Like Show Business

>> Thursday, August 18, 2005

The crew from Rhombus arrived last night–weary and frustrated because the Chicago airport security is holding Sanjay's sound equipment, throwing our shoot schedule for today all off. Poor Jessica is pulling her hair out trying to speak with someone at any of the airport security offices to find out if and when the equipment is going to arrive. All she gets is the run around. (Yet another reason to hate this effing war!) I seriously doubt that she got any sleep last night. While all of that drama was going on, Larry and John were wandering all over the house looking for places to shoot interviews and scenes and choosing the clothing that Steph and I would wear in the scenes.

Our home was instantly, in one fell swoop, transformed into a sound stage. All three of the kids just sat back and watched in amazement as this strange group of people prowled and poked through the house looking at lighting, angles, colors, furniture, depth, etc. After about an hour, I drove with Jessica and Scott to the hotel, The Atherton at OSU, to help them find it. As Jessica was checking in, the girl at the front desk, (who knew they were a film company), asked what kind of a film they were shooting in Stillwater. When Jessica replied that it was a documentary about Mozart, the girl looked very puzzled, and questioned, "In STILLWATER?" I laughed out loud and told her that Steph and I have been asking ourselves that same question for several months now! LOL! Today promises to be an eventful one to say the least, and most assuredly an experience that I will not soon forget!



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