The Birthday party

>> Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tomorrow I turn 46. For some reason, I really wasn't looking forward to this birthday, and I'm really not sure exactly why. Perhaps it was because before I learned the things I did about what was going on with me physically, I was feeling old and fat. I felt I was consigned to a future of watching myself grow older and fatter. However, when Dr. English gave me a new lease on life and new hope that my fears did not have to turn into reality, I began to look more forward to this birthday. (I lost three pounds this week!)

Last month I asked Steph if I could have a birthday party this year. I don't remember when was the last time I had a party for my birthday, but it was a long time ago, long before I knew Steph. Steph being the party animal that she/he is, was more than happy to indulge me, and she/he began to plan the menu, (which changed considerably after I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic). The party was last night. As per our parties, the house glowed with candlelight, the back patio was transformed into a garden paradise, there was music that Steph downloaded on the computer that reflected my personality and played all night, plenty of good wine, and of course a spread of food to die for. (All very healthy, I might add!) The hit of the evening seemed to be the lettuce wraps! Everyone raved about them, and they were gone in minutes. The house was filled with the smiles and laughter of my dearest friends and family and a wonderful time was had by all. Among the gifts I received were several bouquets of flowers, a beautiful photograph of an Oklahoma sky with a full moon taken by my friend Jaeson's father, framed, matted, titled and signed by the artist, a lovely picnic backpack complete with wine bottle cooler, wine glasses, plates, knives, forks, and spoons, a cutting board, cheese knife, cork screw, and napkins from Ville and her husband, Beau, and a gift certificate for a pedicure from "A Cut Above" salon from Lashell. But the big surprise of the night came from Steph and Joel--a beautiful, red finished, Fender nylon stringed, classical guitar! I don't know how to play the guitar, but I've wanted to learn for years! It came as a complete surprise, and as I sat there running my fingers over the glossy finish, I cried. It is one of the most beautiful and truly touching gifts I have ever received.

Thanks to my love for a truly lovely night, one I will treasure for the rest of my life. Now I will always remember my 46th birthday as one of the best!



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