Busy Weekend

>> Monday, July 24, 2006

It was a busy weekend, but restful nonetheless. Heather returned from spending a few weeks with her Dad and with her, Nathan, who will spend the next three weeks here before he goes back to Wichita to begin school. In only six weeks he has grown taller than his Dad and has gained muscle across his chest and in his arms! He is no longer a boy, but a young man. It was good to see them both. I really didn't realize how much I have missed them.

Today I begin my last week at my old job and on the 31st I start full time at my new job. I'm ready. The transition between the two is fatiguing and I'm ready to leave the past behind. Saturday I did laundry and commented that this would be my last load of scrubs. At my new job I wear regular street clothes and a lab coat. I feel rather professional!

Tomorrow is Heather's 16th birthday, so I'm taking her out this evening after work to get her birthday present. This weekend she's having a party with some of her friends, so the house will be filled with noisy teens! Oh joy! And BTW, happy belated birthday to my brother!




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