Reversal of fortune!

>> Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about how everything seemed to be going to hell in a hand basket, how life had just taken a proverbial dump on us, all at one time and left us reeling. Well, now we've experienced a complete reversal of fortune! It's totally amazing!

1. I got the first of several IRS refund installments on Monday, (it's too complicated to explain here), which has given us the financial boost we needed to get us out of the pit and put us on solid financial ground.

2. My ex called and said that he had just bought a new car and said that he had been planning on giving the car he was driving to Lauren. Since Lauren doesn't return from France until June, he said that if I would continue to pay the insurance on it that I could drive it until I can get my van fixed and Lauren gets back! (Thank-you Dan!!)

3. We found out today that Steph got the job as a web developer that she applied for and she starts tomorrow! Not only that, they offered her the position at 50 cents higher an hour than what they had originally quoted. In addition to that, she contracted with another huge client to create two new web sites for him!

4. I recovered from the bronchitis/pneumonia and am back teaching and back at Chamber Singers rehearsals!

Now I'm doing the GRATITUDE DANCE!



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