The World's most beautiful music: Mary Queen of Scots, "Think on Me" Arr. by James Mullholland

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last night the semi-professional choral group in which I sing, The Stillwater Chamber Singers, performed in Tulsa at the First Presbyterian Church's Bersen Center. One of the pieces that we sang was a touching arrangement set to a song that was written and originally composed by Mary Queen of Scots, entitled Think on Me. It is said that she wrote the text and tune while she sat at Fotheringhay Castle, awaiting her execution in February of 1587 at the order of her first cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England.  I was so moved by the text and music that I decided to feature it here.

Mary's original text and tune has been set and arranged by James Mullholland, and in our concert last night was sung by the women of the Stillwater Chamber Singers. In this particular performance at the 2008 Pennsylvania MEA (Music Educator's Association) conference, it is sung by a men's chorus.

When I no more behold thee, think on me.
By all thine eyes have told me, think on me.
When hearts are lightest, when eyes are brightest, when griefs are slightest,
Think on me.

In all thine hours of gladness, think on me.
If e’er I soothed thy sadness, think on me.
When foes are by thee, when woes are nigh thee, when friends all fly thee,
Think on me.

When thou hast none to cheer thee, think on me.
When no fond heart is near thee, think on me.
When lonely sighing o’er pleasure flying,
When hope is dying,
Think on me.


Kay Dennison November 14, 2009 at 10:05 PM  

Lovely!!!! Interesting because I've been watching movies about the Tudors and Mary figures greatly -- especially in the reign of Elizabeth.


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