Mozart 2006

>> Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm sure that most have you have noticed that every entry I have on my blog since the first of January has been Mozart related. Mozart's 250th birthday is a week from today, January 27th and the entire year has been declared the "Mozart year", with celebrations, Mozart festivals, concerts and Mozart operas being performed all over the world. Although all of my January entries will be dedicated to Mozart, starting February 1st, I will return to my "regularly scheduled program". There will be the occasional Mozart "update" throughout the entire year, but not concentrated as it has been this month. I hope I've not bored you with my indulgence, but seeing that Mozart has literally changed my life, and this kind of celebration and focus on Mozart doesn't happen every day, I simply couldn't resist.

So here's to Mozart 2006! And here's to that annoying little man in the red coat! May his legend live on for another 250 years!



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