Things my mother taught me

>> Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day holds mixed feelings for me, as my mother passed away five years ago this coming June. Combine that with the fact that I lost three years worth of Mother's Days when my ex and his now ex-wife moved my children out of the state to get them away from me and my "sinful lifestyle", then you can see why Mother's Day might be somewhat painful for me. I got my children back two years ago when it was revealed that their step-mother was physically and emotionally abusing them, so this will be the third Mother's Day that I have had with them since then. However, it still holds some painful and lonely memories. The first Mother's Day without my mother was also my first Mother's Day without my children.

How I got through those painful years is a mystery to me. I attribute it to the strength that my mother instilled in me. My mother, for good or for ill, was quite stoic and possessed an inner strength and determination that she passed on to me. I learned by watching her, how to face pain and adversity with strength and dignity, and I will always be grateful to her for that. As a tribute to my mother's inner strength and beauty, this Mother's Day I am listing the things that my mother taught me that have made me a better person:

  • She taught me the value of a good education.
  • She taught me how to be a warm and gracious hostess.
  • She taught me how to cook and about the importance of balanced nutrition.
  • She taught me how to be a nurturer.
  • She taught me how to set a beautiful table.
  • She instilled in me the value and importance of the arts.
  • She laid for me a strong spiritual foundation.
  • She taught me the value of womanhood.
  • She taught me the importance and value of sacrifice.
  • She showed me how to demonstrate compassion.
In loving memory of Iris C. Erwin, August 30, 1934 through June 20, 2001.

Today's musical feature is Mozart's Rondo in D for Horn and Orchestra, K.514



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