Top Chef

>> Thursday, May 11, 2006

Last night we watched the latest four episodes of Top Chef with our friend, Jacey. She brought over a bottle of Chardonay and we sat on the bed and watched while the whole group piled in on Tiffani, the redheaded bitch whom everyone loves to hate because she's a back-stabbing liar who pretends to be full of "humility" and "integrity". It was amazing how the camera made Stephen look like such an asshole, and kept Tiffani from looking as bad as she really was. It just goes to show how easy it is for the media to manipulate our thoughts. Stephen won my respect when he admitted that he had come off arrogant and that he had learned a lot about himself and his attitudes through watching himself on camera. He very sincerely apologized to Candice, with whom he had a 37 minute argument earlier in the season, for putting her down and making her feel inferior. He seemed genuinely sorry, and it took a lot of class for him to admit that he was wrong in front of everyone. Tiffani on the other hand, got defensive and ran out of the room when she was accused by others in the group of turning burners either off or up in an effort to sabotage her competitors. I don't know if she did what they accused her of, but they all seemed pretty confident that she did.

The finalists are Harold, Dave, and Tiffani, who are going to Las Vegas for the finals, which will be aired in two parts. I hope that Harold will win, but fear it will be Tiffani. I love Dave, but I'm afraid that his emotions will get the best of him.



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