Hope for the future

>> Monday, September 26, 2005

Yesterday afternoon around 15 teenagers descended upon our home and invaded our living room for nearly five hours. It wasn't a party of any kind, it was a meeting of GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance). The amazing thing about these kids was the fact that every last one of them was polite, well-behaved, intelligent, articulate, and concerned about the future of their fledgling club, designed to give support to Stillwater High School's gay students, and students with gay parents/relatives. It was touching and inspiring to listen to these kids–the vast majority of them being straight–voice their concerns to their faculty sponsor (Mrs. Hendricks–speech and drama) over the opposition they have already received from some local ministers.

Then after their meeting was done, they headed for the kitchen counter and helped themselves to the variety of snacks that they brought and proceeded to sit in the living room floor and make friendship bracelets to sell at Western Day, the proceeds going to benefit hurricane relief in Louisiana. These kids took five hours out of their Sunday afternoon to discuss their concerns for the future of their club and make bracelets to help people in need. When they finished, each and every one of them helped Lauren and Heather clean up our living room and then as they filed out, they each thanked me for opening up our home to them and told me what a lovely home we had. I was truly impressed.

All I can say is, Wow! Kids like these really do give me hope for the future of this country.




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