A moment of sweet revenge

>> Saturday, September 10, 2005

As I've already stated in earlier posts, the Figarohaus was under complete renovation when we were there filming. Because of this, none of the rooms contained furnishings and the walls were bare, awaiting a fresh, new coat of paint. During a break in the filming, Steph called me into the room which had served as the bedroom to Mozart and his wife, Constanze, and directed me to stand in the corner of the room where the bed was. She then walked over and took my face into her hands and leaned over and gave me a very passionate, lingering, dizzying kiss (it reminded me of the kiss she had given me in the hallway of her penthouse in Ventura, years ago, during the soiree she gave when I came out there to meet her). But before the moment was finished, we heard Larry call from another room, "Okay Wolfi! We're ready to go!" Steph looked up and snarled in the direction of Larry's voice and called out, "Just a moment! I'm in here being unfaithful to my wife!"

Needless to say, it feels good to be riding in the front seat now.




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