20 thing you do that make me smile

>> Monday, October 10, 2005

  1. When you curl up next to me at night in bed.
  2. When you burp out loud and then look to see if anyone heard it.
  3. The little skip in your step when you're happy or excited.
  4. The way you hold your hands behind your back when you walk, or when you're standing to observe something.
  5. The twinkle you get in your eye when you laugh.
  6. When you hug one of the kids.
  7. When you call me "Wanze."
  8. When you tell me that you love me, just out of the blue.
  9. When you kiss me.
  10. When you tell me I have cute knees.
  11. When you shiver, sigh, and close your eyes whenever I start to scratch or rub your back.
  12. The way you nudge me when I stop rubbing or scratching your back, as if to say, "Don't stop!"
  13. When you're sitting at your computer working on something intently.
  14. When you pat me on the butt as you follow me up the stairs.
  15. When you find your "nose warmer".
  16. When you yell "Fart-knockin' piece-a-Dad" at your computer.
  17. When you peer up at me over your reading glasses.
  18. When you wear your penguin pajama pants.
  19. When you give me the brownie out of your HungryMan fried chicken dinner.
  20. When you sing "Fake Mammeries" with Ville.




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