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>> Monday, October 3, 2005

This weekend I was inspired. I've been told by a number of people that Steph's and my story is too compelling not to be told, but I never really took the idea seriously until Larry, (the director of "Mozart Lives!"), told us the same thing on a number of occasions. It suddenly dawned on me yesterday that this last weekend was the anniversary of when we met face-to-face and I began to reminisce with my daughter, Lauren, about one of the events that led up to our meeting. I pulled out a letter that Steph wrote to me, (an email actually), just two weeks prior to my coming to California to meet her. I had never told Lauren the story behind the letter, nor had I shared the letter with her until now, because I didn't believe she was mature enough to understand it before now. When Lauren read it, she looked up at me and said, "Oh Mom! This is incredible! What woman wouldn't want to be loved like this? You two have such a beautiful story!" Later I discussed it with Steph and we both agreed that it was time for our story to be told, and that I was the one who should do it. So now I've decided that I will use my blog as the journal/outline sketches and eventually I will use these sketches to write a book.

Our story begins long before we met. In fact, as many of you have probably gathered, our story began long before either of us were born, but I'm not going to take you back that far! Suffice it to say that Steph and I have known one another from the dawn of time, and from the moment our souls were created we have loved one another. We are what some describe/term as "twin souls". The term denotes exactly what it says. Our souls are like fraternal twins–both coming from the same "egg" and then at a moment in time, splitting off to form two separate entities. Since that moment we have been working to get back to one another, for when we split, neither one could be or feel complete without the other. Before I met Steph, from as far back as I can remember, even as a small child, I felt alone and out of place. I felt like a twin who had been separated from the other twin. In fact, I asked my mother several times if I hadn't been a twin and even if perhaps I wasn't separated at birth from my twin and adopted by she and Dad.

One of Larry's favorite stories of mine is of a memory I have of when I was a very small child, about three. I was sitting on the floor of our house in my footie pajamas listening to some music on the stereo. My parents, although not professional musicians, were great appreciators of music and there was music in our house constantly. I grew up listening to classical music–Beethoven, Mozart, Handel, Brahms. etc. On this day, it so-happened that mother had put on a recording that had a movement of one of Mozart's piano concertos on it, and as I sat in the floor listening to it, I began to cry. When Mother saw that I was crying she inquired as to why and I pointed towards the stereo and said, "I have to find him!"

"Find who?" she asked, "Mozart?"
I nodded my head affirmatively, "Yes, I have to find that Mozzart man!"

How I knew at such a young age that I was listening to a composition by Mozart, I'll never know. I don't think my mother grasped the significance of this little event. She told me the story a number of years later, when I was a young woman and then kind of smiled and said, "Funny thing that Mozart has always been your favorite composer."

It's getting close to time for me to leave for work. I'll have to continue this in a separate entry a little later on...




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