Pleasure Meme

>> Saturday, October 29, 2005

The following is a list of things that bring me pleasure:

  1. The sound of Steph's laughter
  2. A plateful of Alaskan King Crab legs and a shell cracker
  3. Walking hand-in-hand down the Kartnerstrasse with Steph
  4. Sitting in Cafe Diglas sipping vanilla tea and eating chocolate torte
  5. Listening to my favorite recording of the Mozart "Great C minor Mass" through the headphones
  6. Standing on stage, singing
  7. The smell of stage make-up, perspiration, sawdust, and fabric all melded together
  8. Wearing Channel No. 5 perfume
  9. When my 13 year-old son still wants to cuddle up next to me
  10. Chocolate
  11. A soothing bath in the whirlpool tub with lavender oil, candles, and Mozart playing on the stereo
  12. Cuddling next to Steph in bed
  13. A lazy Sunday spent in bed watching Lifetime movies on television with Steph
  14. Wearing my favorite "little black dress" and pearls
  15. The sound of my daughter, Heather's singing
  16. My daughter, Lauren's beautiful smile
  17. Setting the dinner table with my mother's china for a special occasion
  18. The sound of Steph sitting at the piano, composing something
  19. Having a little money to spend on myself, on whatever I want
  20. Our house decorated for Christmas
  21. Holding a kitten
  22. Watching our fish
  23. Looking in the mirror and seeing that I look nice
  24. Dressing up for a special occasion and looking gorgeous
  25. Being 45 and looking 30



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