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>> Friday, September 15, 2006

Yeah, I know, a little rain must fall. But sometimes it's just damned inconvenient and a pain in the ass. Last night, Steph and I took Lauren to Tulsa for an interview with a representative from St. John's College and then out to dinner with my dad and his wife. The drive there was pleasant enough, although Steph really wasn't feeling well, and had been in an irritable mood earlier, (Tylenol III works wonders in such instances).

The interview went well, and Steph and I were so proud of our girl, who looked so professional and smart all dressed up in her suit and heels. She was articulate and intelligent, and we sat at a nearby table and gloated like only two proud parents could. Afterwards, we met my dad and Mary at The Olive Garden in Utica Square Mall, and had a really great time with them. After we got into the car and started pulling out of the parking lot, however, I realized that things were not all right with the car. It has been giving us indications for several months now, that a belt was going out, but we've just not been in the financial position to take it in and have it looked at. We thought, mistakenly, that we could keep nursing it along and that it would be okay. Well, last night, in the middle of the highway, just out of Sand Springs, it died. It just died.

Fortunately I was able to coast the car onto the shoulder and call my dad on Lauren's cell phone, and he came out to get us. Much to Steph's dismay, we had to leave the car sitting on the side of the road, near an overpass outside of Sand Springs as Dad drove us home to Stillwater.

There is a silver lining on this rain cloud, however. Micah has graciously offered to drive out with Steph to Sand Springs and get the car, tow it back with his truck, and if it is truly the engine belt, fix it. And if we're lucky, it will cost us a tank of gasoline, the rental price of a U-haul tow dolly, the cost of an engine belt part, and a couple of beers. Ah well!



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