Cat on a fence

>> Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One of the most enjoyable things about sitting out on our patio is watching the cat as she goes about doing her "cat thing" in the backyard. Cats are fascinating creatures, and ours loves it when we all come out to sit on the patio. Our backyard is small, but we have created an oasis where we retreat on warm summer evenings and on weekends. And Sweetie is never happier than when we're all out there. That yard is her domain and she is content to jump up onto the 8 ft wooden privacy fence and walk up and down the rails, scouting out the numerous birds that fly dangerously close, while we all watch her, and laugh out loud over how she tries to balance the fence rail at the same time she's leaping up, trying to snag one of those winged dive bombers, that are trying to divert her attention from the nest they've built in the corner of the patio overhang.

One evening, as Steph observed how the cat tried to keep her balance in the corner of the fence, she got the idea to build her a small perch behind the rose trellis, right in the northwest corner. Steph went out and bought a cheap piece of plywood and nailed it right onto the railing, as well as the the trellis. I've never seen a cat take to anything more quickly! Sweetie spent the whole evening on her perch, scouting, observing, and sunning--just the perfect place for a cat!



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