Caring for the infirm

>> Saturday, February 4, 2006

On Thursday afternoon, Steph was diagnosed with a bad case of bacterial conjunctivitis, (pink eye) that had spread from the right eye into the left. she was given a bottle of antibiotic drops and told that she should be feeling better in 48 hours. Well, it's been nearly that, and Steph isn't feeling any better. So today I'm applying the TLC by force treatment and demanding that she remain in bed, eat properly, take meds on time, use the warm compresses as instructed, and stay away from long hours at the computer screen.

Since Steph nearly died from two separate bouts with peritonitis over twenty years ago, he/she is highly susceptible to any bacterial infection and highly resistant to antibiotics. So when Steph gets a bacterial infection of any kind, it's major. I'm not messing around with this!



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