I admit it, I'm hooked

>> Thursday, February 2, 2006

Last season I got hooked on a reality television show called Project Runway on Bravo. Despite the fact that I was really pissed off by the winner, Jay McCarroll, I couldn't wait to see what season two would bring to the mix. I have to admit that I've not been disappointed.

Last night's show was a really fascinating one! The contestants had to design a garden party dress made from plant material. I didn't know how they were going to pull this one off, but they really did come up with some interesting, and beautiful designs. My favorite one, designed by Clohe, didn't win, but she did get to stay in the competition. Out was Andre, whose dress was said to look like "a doormat".

The competition will heat up as more designers are eliminated until they get to the final three. These three designers will get to design a collection to show at New York's big fashion week. The winner of that competition will win $100,000 to start a line of their own, an apprenticeship with the Banana Republic design team, a new car, and lots of publicity. My predictions for the final three are Daniel V., Santino, and Chole. Out of those three, I predict that Daniel V. will be the winner.

So how many of you are hooked on Project Runway? If you're a regular watcher, who do you predict will be in the final three? Who will be the winner?




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