It can't be

>> Saturday, February 18, 2006

About this time fourteen years ago, I began to suspect that I was in labor. I was about four days overdue and so I decided to go out and walk around the shopping mall, mainly to ease my boredom and anxiety. At about two in the afternoon, I felt some slight twinges in my lower back that felt like mild menstrual cramps so I decided to call my nurse-midwife and see if she could get me in to be checked. When I went in, she discovered that I was nearly six centimeters dilated and had me immediately admitted to the hospital. About five hours and an emergency cesarean later, my son, Nathan, was brought into the world--all nine pounds and 5 ounces of him! Today he's a handsome, blonde-haired blue-eyed, strapping, 14-year-old boy who loves skateboarding and hanging out with his buds. They certainly aren't babies very long.



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