Where are your roots?

>> Wednesday, February 8, 2006

My dad is a genealogy fanatic and has traced our family's ancestry all the way back to 12th century Scotland, to the family of Robert the Bruce, as well as Drum Castle. William Shakespeare wrote of the murder of one of my ancestors, King Duncan, in his tragic play, MacBeth, and Mary, Queen of Scots, first cousin of Queen Elizabeth I of England, is one of the stars of my ancestral line.

Steph says that my Scottish roots are very evident. I have the Scottish determination and tenacity, as well as that infamous Scot temper. My Scottish ancestry is even evident in my looks--my large frame and skull, (I can't wear women's glasses! They're too small.), and my large, wide-set blue eyes are all giveaways to my heritage. Although my dad and my late mother have both traveled to the home of my ancestors and have seen Drum and Bonshaw castles, located near Aberdeen, I have yet to travel there and see them for myself. It is one of my fondest dreams to do so and my hope is that it will be in the not-too far off future.




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