Oscar Night: Conservative appearance, Liberal message

>> Monday, March 6, 2006

I've never seen so much black nor so little flesh on Oscar night! Men in black tuxedos and women barely exposing their breasts. Why, even Uma Thurman, known for being one of the most risqué actresses in Hollywood, donned a relatively modest neckline. To be honest, it was refreshing to see everyone looking so elegant and a bit more reserved.

Despite the reserved appearance, the theme of this year's Oscars was anything but reserved. In fact, the message was bold, brazen, and in-your-face: TOLERANCE, ACCEPTANCE, and DIVERSITY. Nominations for films with gay, transgender, and anti-racist themes abound and films such as Crash, Capote, Trans America, and the unapologetically gay cowboy flick, Brokeback Mountain, walked away with the top honors. It was as if Hollywood was spitting in the face of the current conservative/bigotted trend in this country, saying to the world, "We're sick of the bigotry and inequality and we won't be silenced!" It was, in a word, exciting. I was touched and encouraged by the words of Ang Lee, who won the Best Director award for his brilliant work in Brokeback Mountain.

Brokeback Mountain is... about not just all the gay men whose love is denied by society, but most importantly, the greatness of love itself, declared Lee, tearfully.
It's a message that needed to be shouted from the mountain tops and Ang Lee shouted it from the top of the Grand Tetons!

It was only one night, but hopefully it will be a night not too soon forgotten. And hopefully it will mark a turning point in this nation towards genuine love, tolerance, acceptance, and diversity.

Thanks guys. We needed that.




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