She's growing up

>> Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My children aren't babies any longer. I've known that for a long time now, and I accepted that reality long ago. However, today a new reality comes into play. Now I must start to prepare for the day when my eldest leaves home. I wasn't quite expecting this.
Today Lauren and I are meeting a gentleman for dinner to discuss her going to France for a year as an exchange student. This is something she has been dreaming of since she was a child, and now it looks as if her dreams are turning into reality. (Lauren is certainly one of those people who, when she has a dream, she manifests it into reality, even if it seems impossible.)

Next year is Lauren's senior year in high school and after graduation, she hopes to leave on the exchange student program for the year following, delaying college for a year. She believes, however, that the delay won't hurt her, but on the contrary, will only enhance her college experience. I agree. The only trouble I have with it is the fact that she'll be so far away for so long. "It's time to let go, Mom", keeps ringing in my ears. "She's not a baby anymore." She'll turn 19 while she's in France. And by the time she returns, she'll be nearly 20. *sigh*

Still, I couldn't be more proud, nor happy. My daughter is setting out to live the life that she has always desired. She has worked hard and will continue to work hard. She's an incredible young lady.



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