Worries dispelled

>> Friday, March 3, 2006

I've been extremely worried about Steph. Over the last several months she's just not been herself--fatigued, dispassionate, lethargic, depressed, anxious. I couldn't understand it. Here we are at the brink of success, something that we've been working towards for over six years, and she just couldn't seem to break out of the doldrums. I knew that there was something seriously wrong. Finally over lunch last Friday, she confessed to me that she was extremely worried and that she thought she needed to see the doctor. I agreed, dreading that we were facing something very serious and determined that I would love and support her through whatever. Together we'd get her through it.

Today the doctor's nurse called with the results of the blood tests and gave us the news that Steph is suffering with hypothyroidism. I can't tell you the relief that flooded over me when I heard that my love was going to be alright and all she needed was some inexpensive medication to get her body back into balance and feeling her old, energetic self. The pharmacist said that Steph should start feeling better in as soon as two to three days! Incredible news!




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