No such luck

>> Friday, December 9, 2005

I really was hoping that I wouldn't have to drive out of town this weekend to judge this speech tournament, but no such luck. Although the temperatures have not dropped much, and there is still snow on the ground, the roads have cleared enough that it's safe to drive. Ah, well.
I had a rehearsal with Mark, (Chamber Singers conductor), for my recitative and aria in Messiah yesterday afternoon, and it went very well. He seemed pleased--said I sang it beautifully. Next week I have rehearsals with the orchestra, and then the performance is Saturday evening. I'm really looking forward to this performance. Yesterday Mark told me that this group could record Messiah because we sing it so well! Afterwards we had a great time just talking and getting to know one another better. He's really a nice man, and a very talented and able choral technician. It's a joy to sing under his direction.

Sunday evening, Lauren's French club is coming to our home for their Christmas dinner. I'm spending Sunday helping her to get ready for it. They're planning on 15 people which means that we will have to move some furniture in the living room to make way for a table. Lauren's really excited because our home is decorated so beautifully for Christmas and she loves having friends over during the holidays.



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