House cat night

>> Friday, September 28, 2007

Last night was an unusual Thursday, one where I was actually able to come home and relax without the usual whir of activity--running here and there, etc. When I got home from work, I was greeted by Steph with a warm embrace and a kiss, as well as, "I missed you today". That warmed me all over. Then after I taught my Thursday voice lesson, I took a little snooze on the couch while Steph prepared the ingredients for "build-your-own-burrito" night for dinner. Steph and I then took our dinner upstairs to our room and watched the DVD of "Immortal Beloved", which I gave to her for her birthday, and lay on the bed together, like a couple of house cats, cuddling and purring. Afterwards, we continued to lay on the bed and listen to music and talk of our personal growth, our dreams, and our move to Vienna.

What a pleasant way to spend a Thursday night!



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