Revenge of the Mozart Nerd

>> Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The following post is one I posted on my MySpace blog back in April. I thought, in light of Steph's recent entry, "Where's the Irish Mafia When You Need Them?", it would be appropriate for me to post this here.

Tonight as I was driving home from my Chamber Singers rehearsal, (listening to a favorite CD of Mozart arias on the stereo), I stopped at the corner of Hall of Fame and Duck, right on the OSU campus. In the lane next to me, sitting at the stop light was a young college guy in a white sports car, windows rolled down and his loud, offensive, BANG! BANG! BANG! rap noise, accosting the ear drums of his fellow motorists. I have always found it rude and offensive when one of these idiots decides that he must share his "music" with the rest of us whether we have invited him to do so or not. I have no beef with those who enjoy listening to rap--it's definitely not on my play list--but to each his own. However, I get just a little miffed when I am rudely assaulted in such a manner as I have described above.

So this time I decided to give him a little back. Without really thinking, I hit the button and rolled down my front windows and reached over to the volume control, cranked it all the way to the top, and the glorious sounds of a rich, full-bodied mezzo-soprano singing "Voi che sapete" filled the air. In an instant the guy's head turned in the direction of the sound flooding out of my car and his mouth dropped open. He just starred at me for a moment, a gaping hole in his face, in complete shock. I'm sure he'd probably never heard anything like it before, nor did he expect to hear anything like it streaming out the window of the car sitting next to his in traffic.

As for me, I drove down the road towards my house, the divine sounds of Mozart flooding the air, with an evil, vengeful grin upon my face. I'd had my revenge, and it felt really good.


Kay Dennison September 6, 2007 at 9:39 AM  

Good for you!!!!!!

Like you, I resent the intrusion of others' music on mine. The worst part is that the extreme levels of that music, in some cases according to a medical professional I know, is enough to cause a woman to miscarry. My city has a noise ordinance but it's seldom enforced an I really resent it when they wake me at 3 am because my windows are rattling.


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